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Onboarding for new Security Champions

Welcome young padawan

Now that you've signed up for Equinor's Security Champion environment, I bet you're wondering what you've gotten your self in to? If you haven't had a onboarding meeting since you joined, please request one in the Security Champion slack channel! We hope to get everyone automagically invited, but mistakes can happen.


Security is everyone's responsibility! You as a Security Champion are a voice for security. Your role is to bring security on the agenda within your team, helping the "shift left security" mentality.

The Security Champions environment is a community made up of people interested in security where the people are in the center. You and your experiences will drive this community, and we will rely on you to participate in discussions, activities and ask questions. Don't worry, we won't bite!

What you get

You get to take part in a community of like minded people. There will be activities only catered to Security Champions, which can be used to improve your knowledge regarding security. This will hopefully ignite that security spark within you. You will help form this community, as your voice and your experiences matter. Last but not least: You can get some awesome merch!


  • Stickers: A large assortment of stickers to help show that you are the voice of security! With the amount of stickers we have, you will get a proper workout while carrying your laptop?
  • Hoodie: You act the part? Great! The only thing lacking is dressing for the part! Contribute in a Security Champion Seminar to get an awesome hoodie!
  • Socks: Socks decorated with The Security Champion shields! Would they have protected Achilles? Maybe not. Will they protect you from cyber criminals? Who knows! But you will certainly look stylish while being hacked!
  • Book (Alice and Bob Learn Application Security): Complete the challenge at this form
  • AbbSack: You have to see it to believe it! Keep your items secure while traveling.
  • Lanyard: Decorate your neck with shields to ward off evil phishing attacks. It even holds your card!
  • Pins: Decorate your lanyard or clothes with shields to further increase your phishing protection.
  • Christmas ornament: No christmas is secure without your own Security Champion christmas tree ornament.

To get these items, you can find out where the AppSec office is, social engineer your way in to the building, find our seats and ask for one or more of the items.


You can get in touch with the team when we do stands and events.

Relevant web sites

What are relevant web sites?

Relevant Slack channels

  • #Security-Champions: Your go-to channel for Security Champion events and information.

  • #AppSec: Information regarding AppSec. Most general information should be posted here so everyone in Equinor has access to it, and can participate!

Relevant activities

In the Security Champions, YOU are the key ingredient. We have multiple meetings where we gather everyone who wants. Join us!

Core team

In the Security Champions environment we have a "core team" that tries to facilitate activities and content. These are people from different consultant firms and the AppSec team themselves. The objective is to drive and engage the Security Champions community. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask one of them.

For more information, please check out the Security Champion sharepoint

Further activities

Please check out the activities section for more activities for you and your team!