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GitHub integration settings

Open Source Security & Licenses

It is recommended to enable Snyk test for pull requests. It can be set to either fail only when the PR adds a new dependency issue, or for all issues. To not overburden developers with too much information, it is recommended to set this to only fail when the PR is adding a dependency with issue.

It can also be selected if it should fail for high or critical issues, and only if there is a fix available. Recommended settings is shown below. Open source PR scanning

Automatic fix pull requests

It is recommended to enable Snyk to auto-create pull requests for new and known vulnerabilities. This will allow Snyk to create a pull request with dependency upgrade for known issues. If there is no know fix, Snyk also has the possibility to apply patches to fix the issue. Recommended settings is shown below. Automatically fix pull requests

Automatic dependency upgrade pull requests

Snyk can be used to automatically update dependencies when there is a new patch, minor or major version available. However we would not recommend enabling this, since for most projects this will result in a lot of noise from minor upgrades with no added value. It is instead recommended that the team takes a proactive role in updating dependencies. For JavaScript projects, the newest version can be checked with npm outdated, and then updated with npm update. For checking vulnerabilities only, npm audit can be run get a list of severities provided by npm. This issues that can be fixed up a package upgrade can be fixed with npm audit fix.

More information

Read more about how to read Snyk reports