Introduction to pyscal


pyscal is a Python module for creating relative permeability input curves for Eclipse, Flow (OPM) and Nexus, either directly from parametrizations (Corey or LET) or from a SCAL recommendation parameter set.

Alternatively, interpolated curves can be generated, that are within a set of other curves, for example from a SCAL recommendation from low to high. This enables history match both directly on curve parameters (Corey/LET), or on interpolation parameters.

Relative permeability data can also be parsed from tabulated data and then used for interpolation.

Capillary pressure is supported through a selected number of parametrizations.



represents the data for water-oil relative permeability and capillary pressure. Essentially the data for SWOF plus metadata.


ditto for gas-oil relative permeability


container object for one WaterOil and one GasOil. Useful for making SOF3 output, and for ensuring endpoint consistency in three-phase simulations.


container object for three WaterOilGas objects which are tagged as low, base and high. Useful for interpolating between low and high, going from -1 (low) through 0 (base) to 1 (high).


Contains convenience functions for initializing the above objects from Python dictionaries.