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Interface LinePlotOptions

Available line plot options




Optional color

color: string

Stroke color

Optional dash

dash: number[]

Dash array


[4, 4] // 4 pixels stroked, 4 pixels skipped

Optional data


use dataAccessor

Optional dataAccessor

dataAccessor: DataAccessorFunction

Plot data accessor function when used with GraphTrack

Optional defined

Set condition for what data to plot. Default is v => v !== null

Optional domain

domain: Domain

Y axis (range) for plot data. Default is [0, 100].

Optional filterOverlapFactor

filterOverlapFactor: number

Used to control how much overlap or excess is added when filtering data compared to the current domain. Ex. if the current domain is [100, 200], and with an overlap factor of 0.5, data will be filtered using the extended domain [50, 250], leaving an excess of 50 units in both ends. This improves the user experience during panning.

Optional filterToScale

filterToScale: boolean

Automatically filter data to current scale. This may increase performance for larger datasets, as data outside the current domain is not passed to the plots. Overlap may be controlled by the filterOverlapFactor option. Filtering is off (false) by default.

Optional hidden

hidden: boolean

Flag to hide/show a plot. Default is false.

Optional horizontal

horizontal: boolean

Set plot orientation. Default is true (horizontally).

Optional legendRows

legendRows: number

The number of rows in the legend section (if used with LogController) this particular plot requires

Optional offset

offset: number

offset position to draw the plot


0.5 // renders the plot 50 % off from origin

Optional scale

scale: string

Scale type: 'linear' or 'log'. Default is 'linear'.

Optional width

width: number

Stroke width

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