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Interface TrackOptions




Optional abbr

abbr: string

Short label to use in title if used with TrackGrouop

Optional horizontal

horizontal: boolean

Orientation of track. Default is false or unset (vertical).

Optional label

label: string

Label to use in title if used with TrackGrouop

Optional legendConfig

legendConfig: LegendConfig

A config object used to display track legend if used with LogController

Optional loader

loader: Element

An optional loader element that will be made visible during loading

Optional maxWidth

maxWidth: number

Max width of track in pixels

Optional width

width: number

Relative track width when used in a LogController, i.e. a track with width set to 3 will be three times wider than tracks set to width 1.


Optional onError

  • onError(error: Error | string, track: Track): void
  • Hook if a track is set in an error state


    • error: Error | string
    • track: Track

      track instance reference

    Returns void

Optional onMount

Optional onRescale

  • Hook when track is being rescaled, for example from user interaction if used with a LogController.


    Returns void

Optional onUnmount

Optional onUpdate

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